Diagnosed with anxiety disorder, can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day?

My systems started off as tingles and weakness for about a week then adding headaches everyday and sometimes hard to breath and dry mouth.i been to the hospital twice they checked everything on my body they said everything was good. They said I could have generalized anxiety disorder and I had low potassium so they gave me xanax and low potassium pills.. but I was wondering can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day

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4:55 am

yes,anxiety can make u have headaches and feel weak with tingles,but u should remember that anxiety is not the only cause.
other causes like hormonal disturbances,anemia,electrolyte imbalance etc need to be ruled out.
get a blood profile and hormonal assay done.

Masr Fawzy
5:23 am

Yes.. but what examinations and investigations u have done???

Ayman Darrag
12:51 pm

Generalized anxiety disorder can cause breathing difficulties and and dry mouth.. If you are much irritable you can suffer sleeping difficulties which can lead to headaches..
I recommend vitamin b12 and potassium ..drinking plenty of water..

Ahmed Fawzy
5:30 pm

Yes anxiety can cause all your symptoms
You should also check your magnesium levels , what tests have you done?
Good Luck