I have been prescribed euthyrox and dostinex for infertility, need second opinion?

I am a 36yr old female. I have recently begun procedures to investigate infertility. My free TW levels are 1.24. My TSH levels are 4.42 and my prolactin levels are 36.72. I have been prescribed euthyrox and dostinex. Can you tell me if this is appropriate medication? I am on no other medication, have regular periods and have no medical complaints. Unfortunately, the medical care provided but the state is generally accepted as poor in the country where I live and I would love a second opinion before I start perhaps unnecessary drugs.

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Ayman Darrag
8:02 pm

Euthyrox is levothyroxine and is suitable for treating your thyroid problem ..while dostinex can help lower your hyperprolactin so you can get pregnant..
Follow up with the treatment and do not worry.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:52 pm

euthyrox and dostinex Are perfect for your infertility, I recommend starting them as soon as possible
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
7:38 am

Start the drugs prescribed for you,
Regular periods is a good sign
Hyperprolactinemia is mainly the main trouble
Follow up yiur prolactin levels
But to be honest, based on your age
If u have the financial ability to do IVH, go for it..

7:39 am

euthyrox will take care of any hormonal imbalances.
Dostinex will normalise prolactin and have a beneficial effect on your pregnancy hormones.
so just keep the same treatment.
you will definitely get results.