I have a rib insertion/vertebra problem that give me so much pain?

I am 35 years old female, I have a rib insertion/vertebra problem that give me so much pain and symptoms since 1 year now. I had x rays (attached) and where there is the arrow it is where I have the pain. The ribs seems out of place or weird curve to it. Obviously family doctor don’t see that it can cause me pain but all the therapists I’ve saw told me it does! I did lots of manipulations, correction with physio, Osteo and chiro, without results. Can I have your opinion and help. Do you see something special about it and what’s your thought on the upper curve of the rib and asymmetric to the left side…? Thanks so much for your help. I’m suffering a lot, everyday, every night.

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Ayman Darrag
8:08 pm

In my opinion your pain is due to scoliosis which is clear.. The rib and vertebrae falls in the angle by which the curve is most acute angle and this is normal with this cases..
Your therapy needs to focus on posture correction and elongation of the short side muscles while strengthen the opposite weak overstretched muscles..

Ahmed Fawzy
11:58 pm

If your pain is related to breathing or cough then yes this rib can be the cause of pain, if not then you should focus physical therapy on fixing scoliosis and kyphosis
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
7:44 am

Scoliosis is your main trouble, try also back brace, pain managment, and continue with ur physiotherapist,
Try to take calcium supplements ..

What is your weight ma’ am ??

7:58 am

you have thoracolumbar scoliosis.
The spine is bent and rotated to some extent,that is why the rib on one side is looking abnormal at the vertebral attachment.
nothing much can be done about it except exercises and physiotherapy