I have been gluten free for roughly two years but still have major bowel problems?

Hello. I traveled to India in September 2014 and fell really ill with bad bouts of diarrhea and intestinal problems. This continued when I returned to the UK. I have been gluten free for roughly two years in order to help with my bowel problems. This has made me feel better most of the time. However even when following a strict gluten free diet I am still getting bad symptoms. It has got to the stage where I’m scared to eat any food in fear of consequences. I have lost weight and the constant poor health is affecting me mentally and making me feel depressed. Please help

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Ayman Darrag
8:11 pm

Unfortunately this is common in patients with celiac ..having a celiac and gluten sensitivity does not really mean you are not suffering IBS ..
I recommend abdominal USG and start yoga,meditation and stay also fat free foods.caffeine free and avoid chocolates..making a food diary can help figure out which foods irritate your IBS ..

Ahmed Fawzy
12:06 am

First step is to do genetic test for Celiac disease (genetic test) , second check if you are allergic to wheat (rast test) , it can be food allergy not a gluten related problem
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
7:47 am

I recommend u to do ttg test …

7:59 am

this can be a IBS,crohn’s coeliac.
need to get mucosal biopsy done to confirm.
get a endoscopy done.