diagnosed with endometrioma in both ovaries do I also have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

I am 29 yr old female last year diagnosed with endometrioma in both ovaries (5cm and 3.5cm).Recently i got my other test done reports are(Day2 of cycle)
Prolaktin serum:8.5
My Amh levels are bit high now i want to know do i suffer from pcos along with endometriosis or these amh levels are fine.Now i want to start my family what are my chances of conception?Should i go for laproscopy?

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Ayman Darrag
2:39 pm

High AMH level more than 4 is an indicator of hyper responsiveness of ovaries ..which is caused sometimes by pcos ..
Your physician should ask you for an ultrasonography for ovaries.
For endometriosis the treatment choice for you us surgical and infertility treatment as the hormonal treatment will reduce fertility..

Ahmed Fawzy
3:11 pm

Once you do your endometriosis surgery you will be ready to conceive
, it is possible to have pcos BUT in the process of detection of endometriosis you doctor must have done US on ovaries , if you have pcos you must have some cysts formed long before the age of 29 , look for signs of pcos like irrigular period or mood swings

Your ovaries are producing more than one egg per month for sure , but i can not say you should be worried
Fix endometriosis problem first things first

Good Luck

5:55 am

these reports suggest (not confirm) pcos.
such changes are also seen in endometriosis.
a usg and a trans vaginal ultra scan will be helpful.
if you want to concieve,laparoscopic surgery of the ovarian lesions is the pre-requisite.
once ovaries start functioning normally,you are ready for conception.

Masr Fawzy
9:35 am

Well, High AMH levels are suggestive not objective, other results are against PCO in this case we should go for ovarian US Beside ,let me tell you That endometriosis is causing you v high levels of estrogen, but PCOs is causing you v high androgens I do not believe you do have pco, but go for US for confirmation Endometrioma as a part of endometriosis, you do hace medical option and surgical option Surgical outcome is better, yes But i recommend you to go first for fertility preservation, keep some ova preserved in a specialized bank to be able to… Read more »