Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression trying to stop medication?

Hi, i’m a 18 years old male, was diagnosed with OCD and Depression when i was 13 and the doctor perscribed me Luvox. I took it for three and a half years without medical observations, i used to overdose. Once i took 700 mg. There are stressful days where i took 400mg. Anyway, this last year i revisited a doctor and he helped me stop taking it, and put me on Venlafaxine and Valdoxan instead. I’ve been experiencing headaches and lack of concentration over the past two years “while taking Luvox” and now on Venlafaxine aka Effoxor. I’ve been experiencing an extreme lack of concentration i used to do math much quicker and now i stutter at the simplest things, i forget more than often, i have headaches almost daily where certain parts of my head feels off. I was wondering if my overdosing on Luvox years ago could be a reason for this damage and is it permenant?, or is it common? I was wrong i know. But i was in a bad state. I appreciate the help i’d get.

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5:21 am

yes, Luvox may have cause some damage earlier on.
but its not a permanent one.
gradually reducing the dosage along with yoga and meditation will help.
deep breathing exercises and cognitive therapy can have beneficial effects.