Question: Did thyroid test – do I have Hashimoto’s disease?

This is regarding my thyroid level. I have thyroid from past 4 years .
From past few month i could see frequent change in my TSH level.I consultant my doctor but he says TSH is
normal even though it is fluctuating .Last month my TSH was 4.3 and this month it is 2.84 .
I recently did my Thyroid antimicrosomal antibody test and the level for antibody is really high .
Please find below and help to suggest something.

TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) -> 99 ng/dl -> Range in 60 – 200
TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) -> 9.7 µg/dl -> Range in 4.5 – 12.0
THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE (TSH) -> 2.84 µIU/ml -> Range in 0.30 – 5.5
FREE TRIIODOTHYRONINE (FT3) -> 3.29 pg/ml -> Range in 1.7 – 4.2
FREE THYROXINE (FT4) ->1.16 ng/dl -> Range in 0.70 – 1.80
ANTI MICROSOMAL ANTIBODY (AMA) -> 77 IU/mL -> Range in <34 *As per my research & knowledge, Hashis’s is Autoimmune disorder which attack thyroid from normal functioning. Could you please let me know more about this and confirm me if I have got Hashi’s disease? Is there any serious complication here? Is this treatable ?

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11:17 am

you are right..
raised AMA levels are confirmatory of hashimotos disease.
there is no serious complication apart from being associated with other auto immune diseases elsewhere in the body . another rare complication is thyroid lymphoma.
there is no permanent cure. u just have to keep the thyroid levels within nrmal range.,which you already have.
so no need to panic.