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Ayman Darrag
2:48 pm

You are suffering from hypothyroidism , and this is of course not good for the motor and mental development of your baby, you must see and endocrinologist to follow up a supporting thyroxine hormonal treatment. as these levels mayresult in a low IQ baby or a motor undeveloped baby..
increase the content of iodine in your food ..(iodine salt) and see an endocrinologist ASAP…
Not intending to scare you but it is an important issue

Domina Zluf
6:59 pm

With blood test results in hand your Doctor will prescribe you thyroid hormone levothyroxine (Levothroid, Synthroid, etc.) It may take a blood test or 2 to get the right dosage. But it is a very very easy condition to treat. Once your TSH and T4 get back to normal you will feel much better than you do now, and the baby’s thyroid production will be OK too. Just get that hormone treatment going now.

7:20 am

right now all the organs of your baby may have been formed and its the time for growth of the baby. thyroid hormones are essential for growth. its just a minor lowering of levels and once you start the tablets. the reports will be absolutely normal in no time. there is nothing to worry or feel depressed.,
thyroid problems are quite common in pregnancy days and are easily treatable.
take medicines regularly and your bay will be fine.