Question: Doctors don’t know what’s wrong?

Please help! Auto-immune/Arthritis question: I’m a fit and healthy 33 year old man, but my doctors aren’t able to figure out what is wrong with my left hand and right foot. I have pain, inflammation and swelling for the past 3 years and often need a crutch to get around. The pain is in my left palm and the pad of my right foot as well as the Achilles tendon, sometimes i have lower back pain and extremely stiff neck muscles. 10 years ago I had a bout of reactive arthritis that went away completely. I seem to feel better the less caffeine/cocoa powder/coffee I have. I’ve also had a scaly patch on my right ankle that comes and goes. Do you know what could be wrong with me?

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6:07 am

hi.. it seems to be a recurrence of reactionary arthritis. get your blood profile checked to see for any variations.