EKG says there was “moderate right axis deviation.” “normal sinus rhythm with marked sinus arrythmia.” ?

24 Female White. 5’7″, 160lb. Currently on 80mg Latuda and 20mg Trintillex daily. I smoke everyday (I know.) and have caffeine everyday. I have depression and I had hyperthyroidism. (Had a partial thyroidectomy about two months ago for a hot nodule, labs are almost normal.)

I just read my EKG and the cardiologist said there was “moderate right axis deviation.” Also “normal sinus rhythm with marked sinus arrythmia.”
There was also a lot of artifact though. Could it have been a false positive because of the crappy quality of the EKG?

I have had 3 other EKGs done in the last year and a half. All are normal sinus rhythm with sinus arrythmia.

I have had palpitations since January. They happen every day for 5 seconds to 1 minute. Most episodes last about 30 seconds. Episodes occur at least 5x a day. I get frequent chest pain. It’s mostly left sided. Very mild. About a 3/10. Pain occurs several times throughout the day and lasts about 5 seconds. My resting heart rate is about 80bpm. I have had high blood pressure (140/90) for about 3 weeks now.

I am supposed to get ECT treatments done in January and Im worried I wont be medically cleared until I get a workup. I work at the hospital where I get my labs done so I read the EKG before my PCP looked at it. What does a right axis deviation even mean? Is my heart fucked up or is this another weird anomaly that is just a product of normal variation? Do I need to see a cardiologist? Thank you!

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Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy

Right axis deviation in general means that the reading from right side is higher in amplitude ( strength ) , can be many reasons for it , which then we determine from the ekg itself , however in your age your readings are normal , there is nothing to worry about , in my opinion you will have your ECT on time

Good Luck

Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer

right axis deviation in EKG means a high amplitude recording on right side of the heart chambers.
Having only Right axis deviation is not significant enough to label you as having a major heart disease,unless its accompanied by other positive findings.
Get a 2-D echo to confirm and get a second opinion from a cardiologist to be on a safer side.

Dr Masr
Dr Masr

It could be normal finding or you may have cardiac trouble, so to rule out this, do echo…