My father has paralysis in his left leg is in pain?

My father has paralysis on left part. he got paralysis in 2012 due to brain hemorrhage
Now a days his left leg is paining a lot in night. He often wakes up and suffered a lot.
Please suggest what to do. His age is 63 years.
He is taking telmas A

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Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy

In my opinion he has intermittent claudications he can try circulatory exercise in the form of beurgers exercise ( elevate leg do ankle pump 15 times if he can then drop it for 15 seconds )
Or he can go for medical treatment like lyrica or gabapentin.
However i recommend investigation if he has a back problem (disc or spondylitis )
Also a dopplar to make sure there is no thrombosis

Good Luck

Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag

Night cramps or pain can be due to electrolyte imbalance and low potassium levels..
Plenty of water drinking and bananas can help in this..
Other possibilities may be arterial insufficiency (clauducation)
In this case the lower leg is colder than thighs..
If so then you should try Burger’s exercises..

Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer

this pain can be due to nerve inflammation or calcium ,vitamin deficiency.
get his blood checked .
applying local gel with compression bandage may help.
anti inflammatory and methycobal with calcium tablets should provide relief.

Dr Masr
Dr Masr

He need to do physiotherapy and routine daily exercise, take multuvitamins