Experiencing painless bumps on penis, tests all negative, need second doctor opinion?

A few weeks ago, i experienced a few bumps on the glans of my penis, they had a small head to them, and within 36 hours had scabbed up. There was absolutely no pain with them or itching. They never opened up or oozed or anything. Now four weeks later they are practically healed, except for some raised skin where they used to be. I understand that this is a sensitive area and these bumps may take a little while to subside.

This is the second time this has happened. Both times I went to a clinic, and had it looked at. Neither time was the doctor able to tell me what he thinks it was. I got full std checks, including hsv, and those came back negative. In your experience, what can cause something like this to happen? Could it just be some sort of skin condition, an infection, or fungal? I just cant see to find anyone that knows, or anyone who is familiar with painless bumps on the glans of penis.

Last, Ive been experiencing tightness in my inner thighs throughout this process. I cant shake it. I’m starting to think that maybe its all mental, but my legs do feel tight. And at times i had some perineal discomfort. I appreciate you taking the time, just looking for some advice or guidance, as what Ive gotten so far has been underwhelming to say the least

Medications: None

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Ayman Darrag
5:25 pm

I need to know about your sexual activity please? are you active sexually recently?
i understand you have had std tests done but some diseases takes a bit longer to appear ..so please let me know that.

5:31 pm

I have been in a mongomous relationship since december. We have both gotten tests done, that came back negative. I understand some take longer to develop. But i have been in a mongomous relationship for more than three months before first symptoms.

Ahmed Fawzy
5:38 pm

Are you not circumcised?
Uncircumcised men suffer from recurrent bacterial and fungal infections
Also I need to know if you have any pain urinating

Ayman Darrag
5:41 pm

Well, then these could be just a fungal infection ,that needs just high self skin care and antifungal cream use.

6:48 pm

I am circumcised, and no no pain when urinating at any point. Would fungal infections be recurrent? Also could they present themselves differntly? I just cant find anything anywhere that resembles what I had. Also, is it ok to used antifungal cream in this area? Would antiscaaring cream or gel be ok to use in this are too?

Dr.Honey Arora
4:07 am

It can be infection or a mild form of allergic reaction..
As all your tests are negative, I do not find any reason to panic..
As far as using any cream is concerned like antifungal, it should be done only if infection i ruled out, otherwise not..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
6:40 am

What you are experiencing is called Fordyce Spots , it’s like infected acne
So my opinion you should keep up a good hygiene and use bichloracetic acid, topical tretinoin , and oral isotretinoin

8:55 am

My assumption is that its not infected just cause its almost all healed up now. i do ave this annoying tightness in m thighs, idk if either of you have any familiarity with that, or if its related at all.

Also, i cant find much online about fordyce, but it looks like it only occur on the shaft. And i experienced this on the head. Just looking for some more description, but ill try and go pick those things up from the pharmacy today.