For the past 3 days I have had an INTENSE pain in a specific spot- on the inside right below my right eyebrow?

I am 24 year old female. Pregnant.
For the past 3 days I have had an INTENSE pain in a specific spot- on the inside right below my right eyebrow. The pain is in the exact same spot for days. I have a history of migranes, sinus infections, and tension headaches, but this does not feel like any of them. I have seen 2 doctors today, but noone seems to be taking me seriously. One doctor said it’s not sinuses, but was not helpful in telling me what it might be(I might’ve not described just HOW painful it is.) The other doctor looked at it and said that my top eyelid looks a bit swollen and maybe there’s an infection by the tear duct. I have a history of very sensitive tear ducts, and I think he’s right- there might be an infection there, but it happened after the pain started because I have been touching the area a lot since the pain started…
The pain is just so intense, and unlike any headache I’ve ever experienced, I just feel like it’s something else. What could this be??

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Ayman Darrag
6:31 pm

Well infection can not happen just for touching the area ..infection must have happened already and appeared later..
Other possibility for this pain in trigeminal neuralgia.. It is usually intense pain at the side of the face or below the eye.. With unknown origin..
If there is an infection in the tear ducts( Dacryocystitis),you. Will need an antibiotic oral subscription by your doctor and you will need opthalmologic exam first..
I wish that helps you..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:25 pm

Are you on progestrone for stability of your pregnancy ? (It can cause your problem)
I recommend you see a neurosurgeon to check for brain aneurysm
If it is an abscess formation due to an infection , you should have eye and vision problems
Try applying hot packs and tell me if it improved or gotten worse

Good Luck

5:37 am

it seems to be due to dacryocystitis or similar infection in subcutaneous plane around the eye.
get opthalmologist opinion and start on appropriate oral antibiotics combined with eye drops.