Had ruptured brain aneurysm, now dizzy, loss of balance, split vision both eyes seeing separately?

Dizzy, loss of balance, split vision both eyes seeing separately. As separate as if one eye covered. In 99 brain surgery for busted anuerism. Focal seizures for five yrs. Episode length five minutes. I’m 59 good shape good pressure no scripts.

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Ayman Darrag
6:01 pm

These symptoms can be either epileptic seizures or signs of transient ischaemic attack …you need to see a neurologist and get a MRI done first and then EEG..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:33 pm

Recurring of brain aneurysm is possible
I recommend brain MRI to confirm , also possibility of brain abscess is high after an old aneurysm
Immediate hospital admission is recommended

Good Luck

5:41 am

hi ,
this can be due to a fresh intra cranial lesion,may be a infacrt or a hemorrhage.
get a MRI of brain as soon as possible and consult a neurologist.