I felt pain around the skin on my vagina. Well, today I have a lump quarter sized or larger?

I’m a 24 year old female with no past medical history. I’m only on the Nexplanon birth control rod implant in my arm.

A few days ago, I felt pain around the skin on my vagina. I felt and there was a penny sized lump that was hard as a rock. I figured it might just be a bad zit and I would give it a chance to come to a head. Well, today the lump is quarter sized or larger and it still hasn’t come to a head. The lump is very hard and very very painful. It feels like I can almost “roll” the lump under my skin. I can barley walk, sit or stand because of the pain. Should I go to the ER? Urgent Care is closed and I don’t have a family doctor right now. The pain is becoming unbearable.

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:40 pm

Hi this is an infected vaginal cyst , only treatment is surgical removal , until then take a strong antibiotic and an anti inflammatory (if the cause of the block causing the cyst is removed by antibiotics you may not need surgery
Good Luck

5:43 am

you can start on anti inflammatory and fibrinolytic tablest like ibuprofen,paracetamol,trypsin,serratiopeptidase and a short course of antibiotics.
If it des not improve within 3 days,you can consult a gynecologist.

Ayman Darrag
6:25 am

This is possibly sebaceous cyst which may be infected ..surgical treatment is the only treatment if it is proved infected…but if you have no access to a general surgeon right now..get antibiotic orally abd you can use an antibacterial ointment till you see your doctor..