Getting joint pains after the pregnancy?

Hi ,currently my sister is getting joint pains after the pregnancy.She gave birth 11 days back and pains started after 5th day.Her age is 27.Seems like they are getting worse day by day and can’t even get up from bed without help.Can you please help and advise us why she is in such condition and what is the cure.Thanks.

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4:44 am

this happens due to severe hormonal changes after delivery or gross calcium and vitamin deficiency.
such joint pains are usually temporary and will gradually subside .
taking analgesics,hot fomentation with calcium / vitamin D3 tablets will help.
Family history of arthritis needs to be ruled out.

Masr Fawzy
5:33 am

Hi First of all congratulations for the baby, hope he is doing great ? Regarding your question about your sister – the new mommy- I need to ask some questions , was she suffering any previous joint troubles, where exactly is the joint pain, which joints, and is it only just pain or associated with redness or hotness, any previous medical hx If it’s just pain , it’s most probably due to hormonal changes, that will take somsome time to resolve, untill you reply , I recommend her to Take pain killers and anti inflammatory medication but to care to… Read more »

Ayman Darrag
5:35 am

This is quite a common occurrence and is caused mainly due to the hormonal changes that come about during pregnancy and after delivery,however if she has general joint pains not specific to one joint,It could be nutritional deficiency so I recommend healthy diet rich with fibers,fruits vegetables,milk and eggs to compensate for those deficiencies..
Feel better soon

Dr.Honey Arora
7:27 am


There can be multiple reasons like nutritional deficiency, weakness, hormonal imbalances, weight gain etc..

Consult her Gynaecologist and get evaluated..

Acetaminophen, muscle relaxant sprays and hot compresses with physiotherapy can help..

Taking nutritious diet and not only fats can help..


Ahmed Fawzy
8:06 am

Causes could be simple as calcium deficiency or remaining part or placenta undetatched or even an autoimmune disease triggered by pregnancy
You need to do serum relaxin test and C-reactive protein test as a start, a full autoimmune antibody test is advisable ,
Until then stay on vitamine D and Calcium supplements
Good Luck