For 2-3 years I have had blood in my stools?

Hello I am a 17 year old female. For 2-3 years I have had blood in my stool. I have also, from time to time, had maroon-colored or white discharge come out. I’ve also had oil in my stool. I know this is not normal but I’m scared to tell my parents and to have to go to the doctor. May you please help me determine what is wrong with my colon.

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Ayman Darrag
9:39 pm

This is mostly due to upper GI bleeding which could be secondary to many disorders as ulcers or divrticula,a stool sample and a colonoscopy should be done.

4:46 am

this needs medical attention.
home remedies and trials can be dangerous in long run.
ulcers ,colonic mass,IBS etc can be the possibilities.
Upper GI scopy with colonoscopy and stool examination needs to be done.

Masr Fawzy
5:19 am

Hello dear, I understand your fear, but you should tell them and go for a physician appointment, some tests should be done, it could be a lot of things like celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, lack of bile acids, giardia infection, could be piles , Bleeding for that v long time is not a something that can be figured out simply, but should be properly investigated Cbc, stool analysis , close full examination of you r body… My advice again, go and tell your parents and start taking the rightful steps, We are always here if you wanna ask any further… Read more »

Dr.Honey Arora
7:25 am


As it is already 2-3 years that you are experiencing blood in stools you should not delay further and consult a Gastroenterologist and get proper evaluation done that can include stool culture, Colonoscopy, blood tests etc to confirm the cause and treatment should be immediately initiated..

Hope this helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
7:56 am

You have Hemorrhoids , it is nothing scary to go to doctor about, it will be easily treated
Good Luck