Had 8 teeth removed swelling has increased everyday since surgery?

Age 18, Female, just had 8 teeth removed including 4 wisdom teeth. laughing gas and sedation to remove teeth. surgery was on thursday and it has been four days since. antibiotics, hydrocodone, and one other prescribed medication is being taken properly. swelling has increased everyday since surgery and bruised through her cheeks. pain is extremely high and nothing helpds. Face has been iced properly and no change. should she go to the ER or is there any other tips we can take to lesson the pain.

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:28 pm

I recommend a teeth x ray as it seems a part of a tooth was not successful removed , other possibility is infection but i dought it because you are already on antibiotics
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:00 pm

It is normal to have pain and swelling after such surgery but it is odd to have the pain increasing and swelling increasing by time.. it may be a severe infection ,,a panoramic xray should be done urgently to avoid septicemia ..
you should go back to her dentist.

Masr Fawzy
9:36 am

May be h r using the wrong antibiotic, may be injections will be more effective..

10:59 am

get a OPG Xray done to see for incompletely removed teeth.
if this is normal,then the swelling may be due to underlying collection of dead tissue leading to infection.
Try using higher broad spectrum antibiotic.
take fibrinolytic tablets like trypsin,chymotrypsin,serratiopeptidase for reducing the swelling.