My vaginal area is swollen and cold/fever like symptoms and facial pain?

female, 24 , no specific medical history….2 querries for you……..problem 1- it started suddenly with no warning i woke up to me private areas are swollen like someone punched me there and then also number sensitive (the type of sensation you feel when you go to the dentist and the anesthetic you and your lip and mouth goes numb that type of itchy numb tissue pain/feeling) feels like im allergic to myself and i had to have a baking soda bath to cool it down (my sister hormone issues where her doctor advised her to sit in baking soda baths if this thing happend) this sensitivity has calmed down but flares up sometimes, my body fluids seem to make it worse (is am not sexually active at all) so i dont know what it could be i think when i was a teem i had a mini hormone imbalance but i dont think its that i have tried thrush and feminine creams for down there but they make no difference i tend to be ‘mosit’ down there normally so i cant tell whats normal i have tried baby powder to dry it all out which does help slightly for limited time periods , i have not changed the washing powder or shower gel i usually use… problem 2- also since then getting cold/fever like symptoms with migraines over the last 5 days snotty nose but when i blow my nose sometimes there is red and green bits instead of the normal yellow or clear snot the left side of my face has been hurting for 5 days as if someone punch me in the jaw i dont know if this is a cold something else or a tooth issue and ice packs and heat do not help my face pain dont know if i need to go to doctor pharmacy or dentist about my face

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:42 pm

In my opinion there is one answer for both questions is that you have candidiasis fungal infection , i recommend that you go to a gynaecologist to help you choose the right treatment as you explained you may have some hormonal imbalance , candidiasis medicatios can have annoying side effects and are repeated every few month so i do not feel at liberty of giving my opinion in that matter
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:07 pm

your symptoms are mostly referring to a fungal infection of the vulva/vagina ,you need to try first antifungal topicals otc ..and wait till the infection fades away..then high moist may be sometimes a good medium for fungal and bacterial growth so keep it always clean and use cotton underwears..
the headache and nose discharge mostly sinusitis so an ENT can help you diagnose and treat it..
i recommend starting a full course of amoxicillin/clavunate 1mg twice daily for this and nasal lavage…

Masr Fawzy
9:32 am

Vulvovaginitis , is there any discharge,
U need to take swab to be investigated and do urine analysis

Also wear only cotton underwears , avoid perfumed soaps and creams. Use estrogen creams,..

Regarding the other problem, j believe its sinusitis, chlopheniramine drugs will be effective, i would lkke to send usba photobfor ur face plz

11:01 am

a yeast infection of the vagina can cause these symptoms.
inserting a antifungal vaginal pessary with oral anti fungal tablets will help.
sinusitis can cause headache and discharge.
Get a CT PNS done.