High blood pressure for at least past week Two episodes of blurred vision?

High blood pressure for at least past week
Two episodes of blurred vision both lasted about 5 minutes
Difference in left and right arm pressure
Left arm painful when taking pressure. Right arm ok.
Tightness when taking deep breath
Went to walkin. They sent me to ER. ER said it was reaction to sudafed I had taken two days prior. Sent me home. Next day went to Dr office. Did ekg said it was fine. Gave me clonidine to take as needed

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Ayman Darrag
4:16 am

Can you tell me your age? Sex? Weight?food habits? Lipid profile history?
How high was your BP finding ?
Generally you have to get it measured 5days in series in the same time of the day,if it showed constant increase then you have to run some tests to know the cause if it is thyroid,kidney,ECG again,cholesterol ,and start treating the cause if found and the high bp itself.
I will be expecting your reply for follow up.

4:35 am

there seems to be a constant variation in your blood pressure.
but if ekg is within normal limits,then i think there is nothing to worry about.
difference in both arms pressure can happen in some individuals and is considered normal.
however co-arctation of aorta needs to be ruled out.
maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular follow ups.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:34 am

If Ekg is normal then do not worry about..

But in case if Clonidine does not help and symptoms persist then it will be better to consult a Cardiologist and get evaluated to rule out other possible causes that can be related..

Hope this helps..


Ahmed Fawzy
8:43 am

In my opinion there are 2 explanations ,
No1 you had flu and just recovered
No2 you are under alot of stress and anxiety which means you need to see a psychiatrist
clonidine Is an excellent choice
Good Luck