I am a 31 yr old woman, feeling constantly tired all the time it’s putting my family on the line?

Hi there, I’m a 31 year old woman and don’t know what is wrong with me but i am constantly tired all the time and the more sleep i have the worse it gets. I sleep for days a time and cannot keep my eyes open, i have iron tabletsbut no change and it is affecting my partner and children and is putting my family on the line please help

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Ayman Darrag
7:53 pm

I recommend thyroid profile and CBC tests..
It could by thyroid disorder or anaemia ..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:01 pm

I recommend electrolytes tests mainly magnesium, check your TSH, T4 , until then Take B-active in the morning and omega-3 after lunch
Good Luck

4:49 am

it could be a hormonal disturbance or a chronic inflammatory condition.
you need to consult a physician and get a detailed blood profile with hormones checked.
complete hemogram,serum electrolytes with renal and thyroid function tests are must.

Masr Fawzy
5:16 am

Start with doing .m. CBC, thyroid profile, measure ur blood pressure…