I am a hairdresser and the last 2 months I am experiencing painful legs constant pain?

59 years old female I am a hairdresser and the last 2 months I am experiencing painful legs constant pain am taking panadol oesteo but not dong anything also rubbing magnesium spray onto them still no relief my legs are very restless of a night and r very tight I have no energy and am always tired

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:18 am

Many possibilities here, start by varicose veins and possible lumber disc lesion , I recommend that you see a vascular doctor and do a lumber MRI
Good Luck

3:07 am

this may be due to early varicose veins due to prolonged standing or sitting for long periods of time due to your profession.
get a color doppler to confirm.
use varicose vein stockinettes while working.
calcium and vitamin D deficiency also can cause these symptoms.
Get these checked.

Ayman Darrag
7:00 am

Most people of your profession has this Common problem due to prolonged standing as varicose veins develops, also cramps may be due to potassium,mg deficiency..
Get duplex us on leg veins..
Elevate your leg,try Berger’s exercises ,stockings while at work avoid standing more than 30 minutes in a row..drink plenty of water..eat bananas.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:41 am

Thanks for the query.,

Pain in legs can be due to a number of causes like Varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis,Peripheral artery disease, being overweight etc..

Consult a Podiatrist or an Orthopedician and get evaluated so that proper investigation can be done after a clinical examination and treatment can be done accordingly..

As of now you should take painrelievers but try to limit the intake to only when there is pain..

Hope this information helps..

Masr Fawzy
1:12 pm

Your job depends in standing all day, i am suspecting varicose veins strongly, doppler will be needed..