My husband has stomach cancer he refused treatment,now he is unable to eat solid food?

My husband has stomach cancer he refused treatment,now he is unable to eat solid food , today he has diarria and feels like throwing up long will it be before he dies ..getting weaker.. Cancer was found after he had a heart attack 6 weeks ago ,they found blood in stool and did a biopsy that they found cancer ..he is 79 yrs old..

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Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy

To estimate Life expectancy I need to know cancer stage, however from symptoms you described 6 month is his life expectancy

Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer

exact period cannot be stated .
it depends upon his overall immunity and the stage of cancer.
If there are regional or distant metastasis,especially in the liver and kidneys,then he won’t last more than a year.
He should undergo radiotherapy/chemotherapy to prolong his life span.

Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag

Life expectancy in stomach cancer depends on the nature of the cancer cells..its type..and the stage of the tumor..
If he is refusing to get chemotherapy and radiotherapy then I recommend trying to lower his pain and suffering ,by taking PPI medications and undergoing an alkaline diet ..
Depend on soft foods and juices..

Dr Masr
Dr Masr

Well, according to the stage, we can anticipate the life expectancy..

But i believe he does not have much time, am sorry to say that…
Try go improve his quality of life by providing him with the proper palliative ttt