5year old male child with a recurrent GIT and Respiratory infection?

Hi….dear dr…5year old male child.presented with a recurrent GIT and Respiratory infection.anemic some are Iron def.immunological assy show.IGA:57mg(lab.ref.90-450)
All screening tests for coeiliac disease are neg.what is the diagnosis?what is the next step….Does he need replacement or not if yes how long?God bless you and my great thanks

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:19 pm

There is no replacement for IGA yet, I know there is no celiac but try staying on gluten free diet , and long term antibiotics
good Luck

3:08 am

there is no specific replacement for antibodies .
Active immunity should be built up by keeping him healthy and providing him with highly nutritious diet.
fruits,green leafy vegetables with protein supplements will help.
continue long term pre and pro biotics .

Ayman Darrag
5:13 am

Of course he is of weak immunity mainly due to malabsorption and IBS is a possibility …
Pravotin sachets is a good source of protein supplement for his age and case..give it with juice or milk..
Healthy diet rich in fibers,vitamins and proteins can help much..
Avoid gluten also ..
Iron supplement like those in spread chocolate can be used..
Get a stool analysis to rule out any parasites ..
No replacement for IGA..

Dr.Honey Arora
8:28 am

Thanks for the query..

Recurring respiratory infections and stomach infections are indicative of compromised or low immunity..
He is at an early age and the immunity can be improved by giving him appropriate diets that should be a blend of green vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts , meat, milk, while grains, legumes etc..
Multivitamin supplements can help..
Make him drink sufficient water and also take sufficient sleep..
Make him play outdoors and be physically active..

Hope this helps..