I am coughing intermittently for about 5 months now, is this an allergy?

I am coughing intermittently for about 5 months now, my doctor advised me to get an allergy test done. Which I did.
The IGE immunoglobin serum test which I made came back with a value of 515 and the laboratory reference value is <65. Does this mean I have allergies- that I am allergic to something? I would like to know if this indicates that there is a problem with me? What do I need to do now? Is there medication that I need to take? I am a 35 year old woman. I never had any problems before. Don't take any medication whatsoever. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanking you and your team ahead of time. Regards (...)


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Domina Zluf
6:43 am

Thanks for your question.

The laboratory normal values is less than 65 and your values indicate 535. So yes you do have an allergy problem.
You will need an anti-allergic treatment or management under your doctor’s supervision in coordination with an allergist/immunologist. This will probably involve some kind of anti-allergy medication. You will also have to ascertain that the coughing is in fact caused by the allergy and not some other problem. Also, you will need to note what causes the allergic reactions and try to avoid them totally or as much as possible.

Good luck.