I am experiencing a skin rash, especially below my eyebrows and near my eye?

I am experiencing a skin rash, especially below my eyebrows and near my eye (white sometimes itchy bumps), eyelash loss, left eye twitching, eyelid inflammation, redness in tear duct, itchiness around both eyes but most in left eye, eye dryness, and small white flakes in hair. This has been happening for about two weeks. It started as an eye twitch in my left eye, and then became itchy. Now I have all of these symptoms. I have taken fluconzale, as well antibiotics. What is causing this?

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Masr Fawzy
1:44 pm

I recommend you to consult opthamologist for the dry eye, the photo is not that clear , I cannot identify the lashes loss,

Untill consulting him, you can use artificial tears .. it s gonna be v useful

Ahmed Fawzy
2:27 pm

Did you go diving any time lately? Did you use any new cosmetic? Where you exposed to sand or wind?
I hope you answer me because your picture seems normal (it is unclear)
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
3:24 pm

Your Eye looks fine, but if you got these symptoms then it could be allergic reaction of the eye, you should use genteal gel for lubrication and wash your eyes with water regularly,.
Do you live in an area with dust in the air or smokes?
What recently did you do that is not a common daily routine?

Dr.Honey Arora
6:26 am

Thanks for the query..

You symptoms looks typically due to allergic reaction leading to rashes or dermatitis and irritation and dryness in eye..
You should consult an Allergist and get a blood test done to rule out for the cause of the symptoms..
For now take symptomatic treatment like oral anti-allergics like Benadryl and topical application of calamine lotion..
Do cool compresses..
Wash your eyes thoroughly and gently with cool water and put lubricating drops or gels for reducing dryness..

Hope you get better soon..