I am iron deficient concerned about the side effects of taking Ferro Grad C

I am very concerned about the side effects of taking Ferro Grad C (Containing Ferrous Sulfate + Sodium Ascorbate. I have a test result from my physician and they indicate a below normal level of Iron ‘ so he said I am iron deficient. I am taking one tablet every second day, on the third day I decided to not take it, I notice I felt light headed and as though I just came off an antidepressant, is this normal. I am eating meat three times a week; I have a gluten intolerance problem which I was diagnosed with, which may have been a contributing factor in becoming low in iron, and I lead a busy life. I would appreciate your advice and a second opinion to support my recovery process. Most of my life I haven’t taken any medication, except to treat inflammation in my bowl. Thank you.

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4:46 am

iron supplements that you are presently taking are in safe dosage and it will surely not cause you any side effects.
Preferably,if taken empty stomach,it can lead to efficient absorption and rapid rise in iron / hemoglobin levels.
Nausea and gastritis can be taken care of by taking an antacid.

Ayman Darrag
12:33 pm

Never mind about taking this medication to treat your iron deficiency , eat dark green veggies too, B12 rich foods ,vitamin c to improve absorption and avoid gluten intake..

Ahmed Fawzy
12:44 pm

Light headed is not FerroGrad C related, I recommend staying on your iron tablets for 3 month then recheck your iron and CBC, In my opinion this is antidepressants withdrawal symptoms ,
Nothing to worry about
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
1:31 pm

Thanks for the query..

As per your query missing a single dose of iron supplement is not commonly seen to cause dizziness, however low iron levels can itself be a cause of dizziness..

So in case if you feel dizzy you should get evaluated by your Physician..

Continue taking iron supplement as advised by your Physician and do not miss the dose for proper effect..
In case if there is dizziness on taking the iron supplements then it can be due to allergy to the contents but is not commonly seen..

Hope this helps..


Dr.Honey Arora
1:33 pm

Also if you are Gluten intolerant you can compensate for iron and other Nutritional demands of body by taking more of foods like Fruits
Meat and poultry
Fish and seafood
Beans, legumes, and nuts

Hope this helps..