I suffer with headaches/migraines frequently

I have a lipoma just above my right temple. I suffer with headaches/migraines frequently, could the lipoma be the cause? My doctor brushed me off and just prescribed me a nasal spray for the migraines. 90% of them start near the site of the lump. She told me that it would not be the cause, although since her poking about it has started another migraine. I have been suffering with these migraines for around 2 years. Have had my eyes checked twice since Nov 2015. I am also having bad mood swings, tiredness. I have been ill with 2 different colds in the last month.
I am 35 years old and female.

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4:43 am

lipomas are subcutaneous swellings containing fat tissue and are not connected to any cranial nerves.So it is very less likely that lipoma may be the cause of migraine.
cluster headaches and chronic sinusitis need consideration.
get EEG and MRI brain done.
consult a neurologist.

Masr Fawzy
6:04 am

Lipoma would never do so…

Migraine is your main trouble, u need also to do cbc,
U need to rest as much as u can with low light when u have the attack, is it something running in your family , happened before to ur mum , dad, siblings to have migraine,??
Try to avoid chocolates and stress …
Other wise u May need medications

Waiting ur reply ?

Ayman Darrag
11:56 am

Lipoma may lead to headache if its site on temple is above a vein so it hinders the backflow of the blood and as a result accumulation of cellular wastes causing headache.. or compressing a superficial nerve,why don’t you get it removed ?!!

Ahmed Fawzy
12:40 pm

Lipoma can not be the cause of migraines, I recommend doing a brain MRI scan to rule out brain aneurysm, so you can deal with the problem as chronic sinusitis without doubt
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
12:41 pm

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. As per the symptoms that you have explained Lipoma is generally not seen to cause severe headaches and headache can be due to some other possible causes like stress, high blood pressure, sinus related issues while there can be certain neurological causes.. So my suggestion is to consult a Neurophysician or a Medicine specialist and get evaluated and a thorough clinical evaluation and investigations like x ray, MRI Scan etc can help in diagnosis and treatment can be done accordingly.. As of now you can take painkillers to relieve pain after consulting a local physician… Read more »