I cant move my leg to walk – all my body aches?

I m 25 year old unmarried adult. I have a problem of all body muscle pain, muscle spasms. Sometime, i cant move my leg to walk freely and hand to wash face. It occur unconditionally. I have discuss with a PMR doctor and took some test like calcium level, typhoid, potassium etc. but i found its all normal. It happened to me from last 3/4 year but unconditionally i.e. After a month or after 3/4 month and last for 2/3 days. I don’t no the cause of it. Plis help.

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6:34 am

If whole of your body aches and if all blood tests are normal then generalised muscle weakness and low muscle tone is the only possibility.
You can start exercises,yoga.
Take healthy food especially plenty of fruit juices.
Protein supplements will help.
Take analgesics and hot fomentation whenever there is pain.

Ayman Darrag
7:03 am

Your complains Must be ruled out with some investigations as there is a list of possibilities,,
Start with thyroid gland hormones analysis and then MRI/CT over the spinal cord and the brain..
Anyway… try taking foods rich in vitamin B1.B2.B6 B12..
If the inability to move your limbs is during a spasm only.. drink a lot of water and get enough potassium.
please feel free to tell any other symptoms…