I feel numbness in my legs, legs are cold or hot, numbness in my left cheek, can hardly move fingers?

Hello, 40 years male having recurrent (happening a few times during the day – and night as well); episode will last for just one minute – no longer than that – during this time I feel very weak in my left side – lower lip drops – can’t talk – speech is slurred – feel numbness in my legs and have various sensations all over my body – including feeling legs are cold or hot – feeling numbness in my left cheek – left side of body very weak – can hardly move fingers – however I can walk un-aided and raise my arms & hold things; after one minute back to myself – though numbness does not go away.

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Ayman Darrag
7:13 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com this symptoms cannot be neglected at all you need to go to the ER as soon as you can get brain MRI and blood viscosity tests.. This indicated transient ischemIc attack..drink plenty of water .

9:09 am

this can be due to microvascular insufficiency. If there are minor blood related issues,especially clotting-related,then it can cause such transient episodes of tingling,numbness and weakness . You should see a microvascular surgeon and get peripheral angiogram done to see for any minor blockages.

shalini p
11:51 am

Hello there
This can be due to peripheral neuropathy.get vitamin B6 and B12 tested. Associated brain problems should also be kept in mind. Get a mri of brain to rule out these possibilities. Start on vitamin supplements .