I had a microbe in my lungs that caused me strong fever and fast heart beats?

I am a 29 yeara old male, I think I had a microbe in my lungs that caused me strong fever and fast heart beats, I consulted a doctor he gave me (derinox,maxilase,doliprane and tamiflu) i have been suffering for one week severe pain in my lungs when I cough or when I go up the stairs walk for a while. I still can feel the microbe in my lungs after one week causing me also short breath. I have also been drinking hot drinks, lemon, ginger, mint etc. i am just tired of this illness and need an effective medecine please.

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2:19 am

you still do not seem to be out of the infection.
the micro organisms still seem to be present in the bronchus causing bronchospasm.
you need to use bronchodilators for prolonged period of time.
get a HRCT chest / spirometry done to assess lung functions.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:24 am

I recommend that you do a lung x ray to check for other conditions like pneumonia or effusion which could be a complication from your infection , also if you want an effective treatment you should do a sputum culture to identify bacteria and it’s antibiotic resistance
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
4:17 pm

actually the real treatment should focus on treating the infection by the suitable antibiotic, you must do a sputum culture (sensitivity culture) so you can get the right treatment .
boost your immunity by taking vitamin C and bee honey,ginger and anise..