My boyfriend and I are thalassemia carriers need advice regarding getting pregnant?

Iam a thalassemia carrier and my boyfriend is also a thalassemia because of having a 25% chance of a thalassemia major baby we are planning to breakup.but my opinion is after getting pregnant i can do cvs and clarify whether the baby has got thalassemia major or may be a healthy that cvs will work so or not in this case.please doc give me an advice

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:13 pm

Yes CVS and Amniocentesis can be done to early detect thalassemia , CVS is done at 11 weeks and Amniocentesis is done at 17 weeks
You guys should not break up in my opinion
Good Luck

2:15 am

CVS and amniocentesis are good methods to detect Thalassemia major or trait or minor in 1st trimester.
There is 25 % chance of a baby with thalassemia major. So you should be optimistic and think of 75 % chances of not having a baby with thalassemia major.

Ayman Darrag
4:19 pm

in My opinion you should consider the 75 % of having good healthy children,do the CVS and amniocentesis test so you can make an early decision,but this is not a cause of being apart..