I have strange symptoms is it multiple sclerosis (MS) or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)-Lou Gehrig’s disease?

Is it MS or ALS?
hi i have been having very strange symptoms for the past few months now. first is it start with muscle weakness felt it all over my body and then the burning sensation on my right lower leg start it for a few days it start just at night time same spot but after it start it to move different spots of my body, it went to my back and on my neck it burn it like crazy especial on my neck it last it for a few days same time i got sharp pain on my left hip and ankle on and off. i had a sharp pain on left side of my head for 3 days straight my eye lid twiced for 2 days. soon after my bones start it to crack everytime i move my joints crack i don’t feel any pain when they crack but just turn my shoulders crack or my legs but now the middle of my back is hurting. and my speech has become slurry at times and I’m become little clumsy and i feel that at time I’m gone lose my balance. all the blood test turned out to be normal, the b12 was little bit on side but not under the normal range, any idea what this can be? can this be MS or ALS? the wait its driving me crazy

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Dr Ahmed Fawzy
Dr Ahmed Fawzy
February 11, 2017 6:06 pm

It is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , do a spinal tap to confirm
I am really sorry
Good Luck

Dr Mahaveer
Dr Mahaveer
February 12, 2017 2:11 am

it seems more of ALS,but the history does not confirm it.
It needs further investigations like lumbar puncture with CSF examination.
Other possibilities like hormonal imbalances ,severe vitamin D deficiency etc also should be kept in mind.

Dr. Ayman Darrag
Dr. Ayman Darrag
February 12, 2017 4:24 pm

in my opinion it is more relevant to ALS you need to start with EMG before going to spinal tap or lumbar puncture..
Feel better soon ,sorry for this.

Dr Masr
Dr Masr
February 13, 2017 7:30 pm

Unfortunately its ALSŲŒ
For confirmation do lumber puncture

January 5, 2019 3:37 am

These doctors are all grossly misinformed. You cannot confirm an ALS diagnosis with a lumbar puncture or a spinal tap. An EMG is one of many tests a doctor will perform as well as TB, MRI, bloodwork to test for lead, etc. Ask your primary care doctor or a referral to a neurologist who will order the appropriate test. There is no ALS diagnostic test, so they would first rule out anything else it may be and look for other symptoms. There are many diseases and ailments that present the symptoms you describe. See an expert.