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Ahmed Fawzy
5:57 pm

Treatment is surgical removal followed by radiation and chemotherapy ,
Then regular follow up is needed as recurrence chance is very high
Good Luck

2:06 am

the treatment depends upon the stage and size of the carcinoma.
early stages with good margin demarkation can be treated by surgical excision followed by chemotherapy.
late stages with irregular margin have comparatively bad results .
needs agressive radio-chemotherapy.

Masr Fawzy
3:50 pm

In most cases, a wide surgical excision and removal of the entire tumor is the preferred treatment option. This may be followed by radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy
If the tumor has metastasized, then a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and invasive procedures may be used to treat the tumor
Follow-up care with regular screening and check-ups are important and encouraged

Ayman Darrag
4:28 pm

in my opinion you should not wait ,early intervention with surgical excision is necessary and then you will need to get radiation and chemotherapy for some time to confirm the end of the growth of the tumor..
if you are at the early stages then it is treatable..
feel better soon..