I had facial paralysis 6 years ago?

hi my name is (…) i am 27 years old..i am a nurse i had facial paralysis 6 years ago, i received treatment and the symptoms resolved but i feel my right face side a little bit constricted than the left one i wonder if i can receive medications to resolve this symptom ..and i sometimes get right side headache concentrated around the right eye and temple..sometimes i feel if this area received massage i will get better..please iam looking forward getting soon reply from you

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:13 pm

Physical therapy in the form of manual right side facial soft tissue stretching along with facial muscles strengthening can fix the constriction , which will result in headache relief
Good Luck

3:43 am

yes,you are right.
facial manipulative massage sessions with PT can help you to a great extent.
take methycobalamin tablets for 3 weeks as a conjunctive therapy.

Ayman Darrag
6:07 am

İt seems you did not get proper physical therapy in your first lesion so adhesions formed during the period of illness,so you need manual massage and physiotherapy on that area ,soft tissue manipulation will help you much..

Dr.Honey Arora
8:55 am

The symptoms are pointing towards facial nerve palsy and in that case initially it is treated with steroids but in case if it is long standing now it can be treated with facial exercises or Physio therapy and along with it facial massage and Vitamin B complex supplement can help..
Also it will be better to get an MRI Scan done to rule out the underlying cause of the symptoms so that appropriate treatment to resolve the underlying cause will be done..

Hope you get well soon..


Dr.Honey Arora
8:57 am

Also I will advise you to discuss with your Neurophysician about accupuncture that at times can be very helpful in improvement of nerve related problems along with hot and cool compresses..