I had mild disc bulge and a degeneration in the 5th of my lumber, what therapy should I undergo?

Hi there. I had a trampolining accident when I was 15. 6 months later I went to the doctor due to persistent back problems as I had very limited mobility. I was referred to the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital where I was told I had mild disc bulge and a degeneration in the 5th of my lumber. I had physio for two years which improved my strength. I am now 19 and have days where walking is a difficulty and I cannot carry on with daily activities and affects my mobility at work. These days do not always have a trigger as to why I am in so much pain.

I want to do something about this pain as I am young and the pain and difficulty is unbearable at times. There are so many different therapies and ways to improve lower back pain online but I don’t know which way to go. Have you got any advice?

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:14 am

In my opinion chiropractor can help you well, also a physical therapist whom understand biomechanics Can fix your back in no time, you can try acupuncture but make sure he is a professional.
Good Luck

5:14 am

first of all,i suggest you to get a fresh MRI done to see the present status of the disc prolapse.
If there is no significant nerve compression,tthen LASER therapy with lumbar traction is the best option available at present.
Surgical decompression is another option,but considering your age,its better you avoid undergoing surgery.

Ayman Darrag
10:44 am

According to your age i strongly recommend physiotherapy continuation with focus on lumbar traction ..
Keep strengthening exercises a daily regimen and stretch your lower back and hamstrings as possible as you can.