I had surgery on Friday, I noted a swollen lip how could this injury have occurred?

I had surgery (48 hours ago) under general anesthesia. In the recovery room, I noted a swollen lip, in one specific spot like an injury, but no broken skin like I had bitten it, and my lip still hurts quite a bit. Surgery was no where near involving my mouth or face area. The nurse in recovery room noted it, but didn’t seem to think much of it, other than to say it probably happened during anesthesia, which confused me a little. How could this injury have occurred? What can I do for it?

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Ayman Darrag
6:16 am

This depends on the surgery details..
What was the surgery and its approach?

7:06 am

this can be due to injury due to ET tube that is put inside the mouth during general anesthesia.
its a temporary swelling and usually subsides spontaneously within a few days.
take anti inflammatory tablets.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:18 am

What was your surgery? Prone ort subine?
Position during surgery or oral suction device can cause such injury , part of the surgery is keeping you alife which include making sure your breathing is stable
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:23 pm

In general anesthesia you have undergone intubation.. a tube introduced through ur mouth into the trachea .. maybe due to the pressure of the tube on your mouth caused you such trauma .. that will resolves by time .. on its own.. just lers wait and see