I had unprotected oral sex, do I have symptoms of HIV or STDs?

I had oral sex unprotected before a week ago and it was my first time of it and then I read about the symptoms of hiv and other diseases and then I felt that of neck pain . Chill sometimes
So is that mean symptoms of hiv or other diseases or it’s because the stress from that as I been worried since I read about that and I don’t have fever but I feel hot
And feel like my body tired.


Age: 26
Medications: non

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Arti Sharma
7:37 pm

Hello.Oral sex carries very low risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS.The risk is there only if there are open sores or bleeding gums.It is too early to take up the test.You may get tested after 6 weeks.It is too early to have symptoms so early.Get evaluated for fever and neck pain.Get a complete blood count and malaria parasite test along with urine examination since you have fever with chills.Take care.Do not worry.Best wishes!

Ayman Darrag
7:56 pm

You do not have real symptoms till now so no need to worry, however you can get tested for std to be sure.

Ahmed Fawzy
8:26 pm

Your symptoms are stress related, no HIV symptoms, get a test to be safe
Good Luck