I have a very swollen and painful finger. I cannot move any of the joints?

19, Female, Medical History Clear.

I have a very swollen and painful finger. I cannot move any of the joints. It is all green around the finger nail and above near the cuticle area it’s like there’s an abscess or something…I don’t want to lose my finger or anything; I’m terrified! Just need some advice..


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Ayman Darrag
3:53 pm

Hi and welcome to quesiondoctors.com
This look like paronychia(a bacterial infection of the finger -nail junction..
Antibiotics such as clindamycin or cephalexin are also often used..) Surgical drainage is recommended.

Nouran Maamdouh
5:38 pm

This is a fungal or bacterial infection It needs urgent treatment with antibiotics and the pus must be removed with a surgeon .

12:01 pm

this is nail base infection. start on higher antibiotics. either it will resolve with medicines or it will accumulate in a smaller area so that it can be drained out surgically.

Ahmed Fawzy
12:04 pm

Surgical drainage is too priority, no chance of losing the finger , feer only if color is black
Also antibiotics are recommended after drainage
Keep up good hygiene