I had an x-ray and doctor determined that I have an ileus, the pain and discomfort is persisting?

I am a 25-year-old female and rarely have medical issues. However, I have been experiencing bad abdominal pain and constipation for two weeks now. On my third trip to the doctor, they finally did x-rays and determined that I have an ileus- “Erect and supine AP views of the abdomen and pelvis demonstrates no evidence of bowel obstruction or free intraperitoneal gas. There is a mildly dilated single loop of small bowel within the right flank. There is no calcific or osseous abnormality detected. A mild central small bowel ileus is suspected. Constipation is also noted.” My doctor referred me to a GI specialist and told me to go on a liquid diet for two days to clear up the pain. She also recommended taking daily laxatives.

It has been five days and despite the liquid diet and laxatives, the pain and discomfort is persisting. It is especially bad in my lower left abdomen and lower back. The specialist cannot see me until Dec 20th. I cannot continue with a liquid diet and daily laxatives because they make me worse (weak, shaky, tired). What should I do?

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Ayman Darrag
5:06 pm

Hi and welcome to question doctors .com
In this case we usually need removing the obstruction and gas distension ..while I see there is no real obstruction.. Then why dont you get enough fibers in addition to fluids and juices .. They will help a lot..

11:58 am

With these symptoms, only xray can’t be confirmatory. You need to get Ultrasonography and ct scan of abdomen done to see for any other abnormalities. Barium swallow and follow through will also aid in diagnosis.
thank you

Ahmed Fawzy
12:01 pm

Yet it is unclear what the problem is endoscope is required till then stop the laxitive stay on drinks u can also use bran (safe) 2 pills 3 times a day with lots of water
However more important is that you go to the bathroom whenever u feel like it never hold it for more than a min or two