I have an acute dextroscoliosis, I feel pain when I skip meals?

Hello, good afternoon (…) female, 19 years old, I have an acute dextroscoliosis. I’m suffering pain in my upper back and chest whenever I skip to eat my meals on the right time. Does having dextroscoliosis is connected to the pains I’m suffering ? Is there anything I can do to stop the pain?

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Ayman Darrag
3:09 pm

Definitely the pain is related to your dextroscoliosis..
I recommend using a brace and seeing a physiotherapist for a strength_stretch exercise program.
Yoga and massage also can help much.

Masr Fawzy
5:39 pm

Ur condition can cause you chest pain .. yes

But regarding the pain related to eating , where exactly, is there any other symptoms , respiratory or gastric troubles,???

Back braces will help alot…

Ahmed Fawzy
6:23 pm

You have Irritable bowel syndrome ,dextroscoliosis is not related
Good Luck

5:29 am

Dextroscoliosis pain should be associated with your posture and not with your eating habits.
Its unrelated to your present pain
Reflux oesophagitis and gastritis seem to be the cause.

Get a gastroendoscopy done.
Antacids will help.