I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis disease, but me and my family doubts this diagnosis?

I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis disease, but me and my family doubts this diagnosis.
I had a tuberculin skin test which appeared to give negative results.
After a week of coughing with smelly phlegm and fever, the fever is gone, the phlegm is not smelly anymore and I have little to no cough at all anymore.
Though I did have an x ray thrice which showed an activity in the right upper lobe of my lungs, i still don’t think it’s tb.
could it be some other minor illness?
i feel perfectly fine and energetic right now. could it be a wrong diagnosis? thanks in advance.

Male, 17

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Dr.Honey Arora
4:16 pm

Thanks for the query..

If you have doubts then you can get investigations done like CXR, Sputum culture,Sputum acid fast bacilli smear, nucleic acid amplification tests done to confirm the diagnosis..

Hope this helps..


Ayman Darrag
4:19 pm

In case the tb skin test or the blood test is negative then It was not TB,it could another bacterial infection ,if you can send the xray report it can be more help in figuring out something..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:51 pm

Repeat the tuberculin skin test If it is still negative then you have no T.B ,then it was just a minor illness
My opinion test was done too early to be conclusive
Good Luck

1:32 am

yes,you are right.
Having symptoms just for a week or so and feel better thereafter with negative tests is surely not TB.
This may have been a viral / bacterial infection which may be in a healing stage now.
get tests repeated after 10 days.
do deep breathing exercises.

Masr Fawzy
4:24 am

Upload us the CXR please