I have been getting these little red bumps over all of my body?

for the past 2 weeks maybe even 1 month , because i only really started noticing recently. i have been getting these little red bumps, it started on my lower back on the side, and then i started getting them on my right arm. now i have a few on my left arm, one on my ankle, 3 or so on my thigh, 1-4 on the tops of my hand, on the back of my neck on the right, and on the side of my neck on the left. they are like under the skin but red, a few look almost like mosquito bites ,they itch from time to time but not sever where i need to each all the time. and then i have some that look like raised skin like a weltch. i have photos attached

i have allergies to eggs,seafood and all nuts and almonds (i don’t eat any ) i have not changed anything i ate in the past month, have not changed my laundry soap, i have not been to any hotels or other country

i have mild eczema and i was also on the cyestra pill (generic brand of diane 35) for my adult acne,i am female 28


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Ayman Darrag
7:25 am

In my opinion it is allergic dermatitis ..you may develop allergy to any food at any time..so you need to make a fiid diary to pin point the allergens ..
Use antihistaminic OTC and local steroidal topical only if it did not go well with antihistamines only..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:14 am

In my opinion this is eczema or cyestra allergic reaction , also notice that you can develop new allergys , recommend you consult your rheumatologist

Good Luck

7:56 am

this can be due to a allergic reaction to something to eat or something in your surrounding.
try taking anti allergic medicines like levocet,apply local steroid creams.
if this doesnt help,
consult a skin specialist and get blood tests done.
Eosinophil count should be checked.

Masr Fawzy
10:18 am

Allergic dermatitis, may be from the drug you are taking,
Try soothing agents with mild potency steroids,

I am also suspecting viral infection , due to the distribution, do u have any other symptoms?