I have been having bad pain in my left thumb for a month now?

44yr old female. Take lisnprl for hbp and effexor for bipolar. I have been having bad pain in my left thumb for a month now. I have no problem moving it back and forth but to bend it at the joint hurts to the point that I have to use my other hand to straighten it. I did not have an injury to it beforehand. What is going on?

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3:36 am

you are suffering from a condition called trigger thumb.
The tendon sheath is thickened causing blockage in normal movement of the flexor tendon of the thumb.
get a high resolution ultrasound / MRI to confirm.
consult a orthopedist.
Conservative treatment modalities usually fail and this condition almost always needs a surgical release for permanent relief.

Ayman Darrag
3:53 am

This is an inflation of the tendon of your thumb ,trigger finger ,I recommend starting with laser and ultrasound physiotherapy with rest ,many cases were treated with this program clinically and resolves if you are not diabetic without complications,o
If no positive results seen in 12 sessions then surgical treatment is done..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:34 am

This is thickening of thumbs tendons and ligament, physical therapy can help, focus on wax therapy, ultrasound , stretching and strengthening exercises
As a physical therapist I do not recommend surgery as there is a 85% chance it will come back worse
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
1:46 pm

The symptoms seems like Trigger finger or trigger thumb or Stenosing Tenosynovitis leading to inflammation of the tendon of the thumb leading to pain and locking of the bent thumb..

It can be ruled out with clinical examination..

Conservative Treatment includes physiotherapy, ice or warm pack, steroid injection, splint etc..

If nothing works then surgical treatment will be advised..

Hope this information helps..