I have a throat bacterial infection, feels like i have a fluid or something in my ear?

Hi i am dealing with a throat bacterial infection, my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and pain medication. This has been going on since last friday and just last night i noticed that my ears have begun to feel clogged. This morning now only one ear wont pop, it clearly feels like i have a fluid or something in my ear. Do you think the throat infection has anything to do with it ? What other medication would you recommend ?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:11 am

In my opinion this is related to your throat infection, I recommend using a decongestant treat your Eustachian tube block
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:49 am

If you suffer throat infection you may also have congested nasal passages which in turn will cause pressure difference in your ears and causes blocking so I recommend taking a nasal decongestant ,try salt water gargling and nasal wash..

2:43 pm

this is due to eustachian tube congestion secondary to upper respiratory tract infection.
start on decongestants with antibiotics.
once the infection is controlled,the symptoms will reduce automatically

Dr.Honey Arora
3:10 pm

Thanks for the query..

It is clearly appearing to be due to blocked Eustachian tube and fluid behind the ear drum..

Consult an Otolaryngologist and get evaluated..

You can be advised a course of antibiotics and decongestant nasal spray like Xylometazoline..

Doing steam inhalation can also help..

Hope this helps..