I had thyredectomy for papillary thyroid cancer 3 years ago?

Hi, I am 76 years old.I had thyredectomy for papillary thyroid cancer 3 years ago. Post surgery and Rai treatment Ihad blood tests.my thyroglobulin level was 0.0410 months ago ihad the tests again hyroglobulin 0.04,tg-ab 1.8 and TSH 0.0083.I also had neck ultrasound which was normal.A few days aga I had tests again thyroglobulin 0.068,,anti tg 27 and TSH 0.52. I am taking 100 mg levothyroxine tablets 2 times a we and 75 mg 5 times a week. I have an appointment on 20th march with my doctor.I will also have neck ultrasound on the same day.since last year I deceased my levothyxone meds because my TSH level was too low and was sweating excessively.
Do I have a recurrence. I am really worried. Please could you help?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:16 am

My opinion you have no recurrence, and it was a wise choice lowering your dose
I see no reason to worry
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
12:39 pm

In my opinion there is till the moment no reason to be worried as t.s.h and tg antibody levels are still in normal range,and these results could be due to changes in levithyroxine dose,and that could be due to a residual of thyroid gland ,however you should see your doctor on time and get regular follow ups.

2:48 pm

i see no reasons to worry about as levels are well within normal range.
regularly follow up with your doctor and get the levels checked.

Dr.Honey Arora
3:16 pm

Thanks for the query..

The symptoms appears to be due to Levothyroxine dose reduction..

So there is nothing to be worried for..

Does not appear to be relapse of cancer..

Hope this information helps..