I have been suffering of imbalance, exhaustion, lack of focus and nervousness?

I am 27 years old female.
I have been suffering of imbalance, exhaustion, lack of focus and nervousness…and I have also been suffering from pain in my right area of stomach comes and goes for a while.
So I made a complete blood test to check up, and the result shows lack of white blood cells (3.4) and high lymphocytes percentage (60%).
With this comment: mild leukopenia. relative lymphocytosis with few reactive lymphocytes.
So please I want to know what does it means and do I have to make any further tests?

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Masr Fawzy
3:19 pm

I need you to repeat the test after 3 weeks from now, the results could be nothing or could be some sort of infection

And to do thyroid profile , urea and electrolytes and to do abdominal ultrasound

Ayman Darrag
3:57 pm

Definitely you need more tests and examination , but that doesn’t relate to leukopenia as it is common with even acute viral infections and other diseases ..but for the pain in stomach , exhaustion imbalance lack of focus you may need an abdominal USG , B vitamins tests, thyroid profile..
Do you have any pain in your ears? Headaches ?
Any swelled lymph nodes in neck or thighs??

Ahmed Fawzy
5:57 pm

Yes I recommend that you see an oncologist to check bone marrow by doing a pet scan , also do electrolytes test
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
8:22 pm

Thanks for the query.

Your symptoms can be due to number of causes like viral infections, medication side effects, bone marrow related problems etc..
So consulting a Haematologist and getting a clinical examination is a must and once the cause is suspected then only further investigations can be advised..

Hope this helps..