I am 10 weeks pregnant I am having severe back pain, headache for past few days?

I am 29 Y.O. female. 10 weeks pregnant with prior back issues that have been under control for about a year now. Previous pregnancy being a miscarriage. I am having severe back pain, headache for past few days, and diarrhea past couple days that accompanies the back pain. Is this something I should go to ER about? I called my OBGYN and left couple voicemails with no response from them. I have zero bleeding or abdominal cramping.

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Masr Fawzy
3:11 pm

You need to be examined ، and also it’s obvious that you need to have a complete rest as you are having an alarming history

Ayman Darrag
3:44 pm

I am finding no direct relation between your back pain and the other symptoms unless you are suffering IBS , or the back pain may be due to the pregnancy load on your back ,that can be aggravated if you have gastroenteritis (diarrhea, headache)..
In my opinion there is no need to worry so far ,you can visit your doctor if symptoms did not subside after 3-5 days but avoid dehydration .

Ahmed Fawzy
4:17 pm

Try avoid any air currents, my opinion this is some cold cold chills so keep warm, nothing to worry about
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
7:58 pm

Yes, you should immediately go to ER as diarrhoea needs to be controlled as it can cause severe dehydration..
Secondly for back ache you have to get ruled out whether it is muscular pain or it is related to some viscera like kidneys..

So a proper evaluation is a must..

Hope this helps..