I have had 2 cardiac ablations, can pregnancy cause any issues?

I have had 2 cardiac ablations and although not 100% successful, my symptoms are not as frequent nor as aggressive. However I have just found out I am.pregnant and am wondering if this could cause any issues for me. My last 2 pregnancies (before diagnosis and surgeries) seemed to trigger the palpitations quite aggressively.

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Ahmed Fawzy
7:37 pm

For an accurate answer I need to see your last ECG, it’s common to have arrhythmia during pregnancy, however with that being said I recommend keeping the baby since you have had 2 ablations already, arrhythmia is not a life threatening condition in my opinion, just stay calm and keep your cool and enjoy your life
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
11:13 pm

In general there is no problem to have palpitations with pregnancy, even woth history of ablations, this will depend on your ECG readings ,so it is not going to be a problem to be pregnant ,however you should try to avoid stress and anxiety .

Dr.Honey Arora
8:32 am

You should just relax, do not stress as it is an important factor for aggravation of any Cardiac issue and other complications during pregnancy..
So my suggestion is to be in contact with you Cardiologist to be on safer side and stay normal and eat healthy..
Regular ECG monitoring should be done..