I have made Hiv 1/2 + p24 antigen test, am I free from HIV?

Dear Dr.. I had an intercourse with an escort 5,5 month ago. I have made Hiv 1/2 + p24 antigen test after 36 days, after that Anti Hiv 1/2 test at 88. days and finaly Anti Hiv 1/2+p24 antigen test after 166 days. All Results was negative.I have some questions, Pls answer all of themwith detail. 1-Ithink Anti Hiv 1/2+p24 antigen test is 4. generation test detect both IgM and IgG antibodies and antigen.. and the test I made at 88.day Anti Hiv 1/2 is 3.generation test detect only IgG and IgM antibodies..2 – After 166 days Do you assure that I’m totally free and conclusive my test. One of my doctors Who I wen to consult ( 7 doctors ) say 6 month is conclusive.Is it realy true 3 – According to secod question have you ever heard of someone testing negative at the 3 month but turn positive at the 6 month.Finaly If 6 months is correct…Is it possible to chance my result from negative to positive in 14 days ( 180 days – 166 days )..
4 – I’m afraid to have sex with my wife…Can I have sex without any afraid.

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Ahmed Fawzy
11:04 pm

1- yes Hiv 1/2 + p24 antigen detect both antibody and antigen
2-after the 166 day test you are 100% HIV free
3- yes you needed the 166 day to confirm as yes you could have turned positive on the last one
4-yes you can have sex without being afraid
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
3:49 am

1- yes
2 – no u need to repeat it, nothing is conclusive
3- haven’t seen before
4- use safe sex and repeat the test again,

Dr.Honey Arora
10:17 am

Thanks for the query..

Do not worry as from the tests you appear to be HIV free and not infected..
You can resume your sexual life but avoid multiple partners..

Hope this helps..